Firehouse Angus Burgers

When Firefighters are not protecting our homes and saving lives, you can find them in Firehouse kitchens across this great nation conjuring up some of the very finest gourmet burgers on the planet.  So when it came time to name our line of steak burgers, your local Signature Meat Market decided to give our Firefighting heros the credit they deserve.

Introducing Firehouse Burgers... Each burger crafted from the very finest Star Ranch Angus beef and then stuffed with flavor like real bacon/and Wisconsin Cheddar, sliced mushroom and Swiss lace, Bleu cheese and Smoky bacon, and the popular Firehouse Southwest.

Gourmet Firehouse Burgers cook up fast and easy because all the work has been done for you...

Premium Firehouse Burgers - Burgers with a Twist!

Bacon Cheddar

Premium Star Ranch Angus Beef stuffed with bacon and cheddar. Yuuuum!

Cheddar Ranch

Premium Star Ranch Angus Beef laces with cheddar cheese and flavored with a little Hidden Valley Ranch dip. A uniquely great burger experience.

Mushroom Swiss

This delicious gourment burger is stuffed with chunks of savory mushroom and shredded Swiss cheese. 

Italian Mozzarella

This delicious Firehouse burger is stuffed with Italian spices and loaded with mozzarella cheese.  

Cooking Instructions

Servings per pound: 2 to 4 

1. Grill 

Direct heat is best unless cooking to well done. Start with direct heat until a nice brown is achieved, and move to indirect heat to finish. This will help retain juiciness.

Settings and timing

Cook 6-12 minutes or until desired doneness is reached. Refer to beef doneness temperature guidelines below. The finger test does not work well with burgers.

Beef doneness temperature guidelines

120-130°F = Rare

130-135°F = Medium rare

140-150°F = Medium

155-165°F = Medium well

170°F+ = Well done 

2. Oven

Bake or broil. These work well baked at 375-400°F for 10-15 minutes or until desired doneness. 

3. Stove Top    

Start with medium high heat and then turn down to medium if cooking to well done.

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Where to Buy

The following stores are where you can find our selection of Signature Meat Market products. Click on a location to visit their site.

Baker's Three Lakes Foods
Three Lakes, WI
Gary's Quality Foods
Stephenson & Wallace, MI
Great Lake Foods
Tomahawk, WI
Great Lakes Fresh Market
Augusta, WI
Great Lakes Fresh Market
Osseo, WI
Great Lakes Fresh Market
Spencer, WI
Great Lakes Fresh Market
Niagra, WI
Great Lakes Fresh Market
Harvey, MI
Great Lakes Fresh Market
Muskegon, MI
Jack's Fresh Market
Marinette, WI
Larry's Family Foods
Gwinn, MI
Larry's Market
Baraga, MI
Mann's Grocery
Washington Island, WI
Mattoon Market
Mattoon, WI
Pembine Foods
Pembine, WI
Rob's Family Market
Manitowoc, WI
Scott and Lori's
Owen, MI
Settler's Co-Op, Inc.
Bruce Crossing, MI
Valle's Village Market
Marquette, MI